Thank goodness for air conditioners! We are so accustomed to enjoying cool air year round that when our air conditioner fails, it is treated like an emergency situation! When the air conditioner fails and is not keeping air cool enough, there could be several things wrong.

To figure out exactly what is wrong, pay attention to what the machine is doing. Does your unit work sometimes, but not all of the time? Is the fan running without the compressor, or the compressor without the fan? Or maybe the air conditioner is working, but is not making the air as cool as you have the thermostat set for.

One of most common culprits behind an air conditioner failure is a blocked grill. In order fix this problem, the machine will have to be disassembled, cleaned off, and then reassembled. If this is not the cause of your air conditioner failure, it may be a result of one of several other causes.

For instance, maybe the air coming out of the machine is not as cool as it should be because there is a freon leak, or your thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced. And sometimes an air conditioning unit will be short-circuited to the ground, causing the machine to fail every time you turn it on. For problems such as these, you will need to call a professional air conditioner repairman.